Netanyahu's wife attempts to enter cockpit after pilot leaves her out of welcome announcement

Netanyahu's wife attempts to enter cockpit after pilot leaves her out of welcome announcement
Sara Netanyahu was held back by security guards after she reportedly attempted to enter the plane's cockpit en-route to Ukraine.
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19 August, 2019
Sara Netanyahu was furious after the pilot failed to welcome her on the flight [Getty]

The wife of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu allegedly attempted to enter the cockpit of a flight to Ukraine, enraged after the pilot failed to welcome her.

Sara Netanyahu demanded to speak to the pilot on the El Al flight after the captain's welcome message excluded her.

Security precented the 60-year-old from entering the cockpit, who was recently sentenced to pay a fine of roughly $15,000 for misusing state funds.

According to the Channel 12 report, the pilot reportedly made another announcement after the incident which included mention of Binyamin and Sara Netanyahu. 

The prime minister's office did not deny the report but branded it as "distorted". ُThere was a "misunderstanding that was immediately clarified", a spokesperson said.

"The story about the security guards, as well, is a total lie. It is another attempt to divert attention from the important international visit that the prime minister carried out." 

Prime Minister Netanyhu embarked on an official visit to Ukraine on Sunday - the country-of-origin for many Israelis - a month ahead of Israel's elections.

This is the first visit to the country by an Israeli premier for over 20 years - since Netanyahu traveled to Ukraine in 1999 during his first term.

Netanyahu said he was travelling at the invitation of Ukraine's recently elected President Volodymyr Zelensky. 

In a video released on YouTube, Netanyahu said the two men would discuss the "establishment of a free trade area, the pensions agreement and a host of other issues that will further strengthen the excellent relationship between the two countries".

More than a million people from former Soviet republics came to Israel after the fall of the Iron Curtain.

Israeli society assimilated the equivalent of a fifth of its population.

Netanyahu also plans to visit the Babi Yar memorial, the site of a major Holocaust massacre in April 1941 that saw more than 33,000 Ukrainian Jews shot dead by Nazi troops.

Analysts say Netanyahu is seeking to bolster the standing of his Likud party among Israelis of Ukrainian origin ahead of legislative polls due on 17 September.

Such voters have historically been inclined to vote for the nationalist and pro-Russian Yisrael Beitenu party, led by Avigdor Lieberman.

Netanyahu and his right-wing and religious allies won the most seats in an April election but failed to forge a viable coalition.

Agencies contributed to this report.

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