'Forced to kiss her feet': Sara Netanyahu's former housemaid reveals abuse at Israeli PM's house

'Forced to kiss her feet': Sara Netanyahu's former housemaid reveals abuse at Israeli PM's house
Sara Netanyahu's former housemaid, Sylvie Genesia, has revealed abuse she faced while working at the Israeli's prime ministers residence.
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06 June, 2020
The Netanyahus are on trial for corruption [Getty]
One of the former housemaids of Israeli Prime Minister’s wife Sara Netanyahu spoke out about the abuse she faced while working for her, recalling moments she was forced to kiss her feet.

Israel’s Channel 12 TV station hosted former maid, Sylvie Genesia, who worked at the Netanyahu residence for several months, to discuss her ordeal at the prime minister's home.

“I used to arrive at the morning and never know when I was going to leave,” she said.

“I went 12 hours without food, without drink and at times, I was only allowed to rest for ten minutes. I only met Sara and she humiliated me and treated me badly.”

“She even asked me to kiss her feet. I felt embarrassed because I have children and grandchildren, but I had no choice. Even though it’s embarrassing to admit now, I have to speak out,” Genesia added.

When asked why she stayed, she said she had no other choice. “Who will pay the bills? I had to endure the abuse until I found another job.”

Sara Netanyahu is accused of repeated workplace abuse by multiple former employees.

Last year, a Jerusalem court ordered her to pay a fine of more than $15,000 for misusing state funds for expensive meals. In 2016, a court ruled she had mistreated a housekeeper and awarded the man $42,000 in damages.

In 2018, Sara Netanyahu was indicted on charges of fraud and breach of trust. The settlement saw her admit to more minor charges and reduced the overspending charge to $50,000.

She faces a civil lawsuit from former employee Shira Raban, who claims the premier's wife mistreated her during a brief stint working at the residence. Raban seeks $63,000 in damages over alleged mistreatment and harassment.

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