Netanyahu summons US envoy after UN settlement resolution

Netanyahu summons US envoy after UN settlement resolution
Netanyahu 'clarifies' issues with the US envoy, while also lashing out at foreign ambassadors of nations who voted in favour of the UN resolution on settlements.
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26 December, 2016
Binyamin Netanyahu blamed Barack Obama for "ambushing" Israel [AFP]
Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met with US Ambassador Dan Shapiro for "clarifications," following Washington's decision to abstain from Friday's United Nations Security Council vote on a resolution demanding that Israel halt its settlement activity.

Netanyahu reportedly told colleagues earlier on Sunday that the issue was far from over. This followed comments in which he publicly accused US President Barack Obama of "ambushing" Israel at the UN.

"The issue is still hot, and we haven't heard the end of this yet," he said at a closed-door cabinet meeting, according to Haaretz.

On Sunday the Israeli leader also summoned the ambassadors of the state who voted in favour of the resolution to be scolded by Foreign Ministry officials, spokesperson Emmanuel Nachson said.

Netanyahu also reiterated a threat to withdraw funding from UN agencies and to take action against states who supported the resolution.

Netanyahu also cancelled an upcoming visit of the Ukrainian Prime Minister, Volodymyr Groysman, in response to the country's vote. New Zealand and Senegal are also expected to feel the wrath of the Israeli PM, who ordered a set of punitive measures to be taken against them. The Israeli ambassadors to the two countries were recalled for discussions.

The disgruntled PM on Saturday cancelled an official visit of the Senegalese foreign minister to Israel, as well as all aid programmes to the West African nation.

Following the passing of the UN resolution, Netanyahu also ordered that officials conduct a 30-day assessment on future ties with the international body.