Netanyahu pledges to 'hurt' Palestinians attempting attacks

Netanyahu pledges to 'hurt' Palestinians attempting attacks
Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has threatened further violence against Palestinians, despite Israeli forces having already killed 31 Palestinians during protests.
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09 April, 2018
Netanyahu has cautioned against continuing protests (Getty)
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Monday warned Palestinians in the Gaza Strip that Israel will "hurt" them if they try to attack the Jewish state.

"We have one clear and simple rule and we seek to express it constantly: If someone tries to attack you, rise up and attack him," said Netanyahu in the wake of clashes on the Israel-Gaza border in which more than 30 Palestinians have been killed.

"We will not allow, here on the Gaza border, them to hurt us. We will hurt them," he said during a visit to the southern town of Sderot which has been the target of cross-border rocket attacks by militants in Gaza.

In the face of 10 days of protests and violence along the Gaza border, Israeli forces have killed 31 Palestinians, according to Gaza's health ministry.