Netanyahu brands UN as 'house of lies' ahead of Jerusalem vote

Netanyahu brands UN as 'house of lies' ahead of Jerusalem vote
Israel's leader described the UN as a 'house of lies' ahead of a vote on a draft resolution calling on US to withdraw its recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.
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21 December, 2017
Netanyahu has been a vocal critic on anyone against Trump's Jerusalem declaration [Getty]
Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu dubbed the United Nations a "house of lies" on Thursday ahead of a General Assembly vote on a resolution rejecting US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

"The State of Israel rejects outright this vote, even before it passes," he said at a ceremony in southern Israel.

"The attitude to Israel of many nations in the world, in all the continents, is changing outside of the UN walls, and will eventually filter into the UN as well – the house of lies," he said.

He reiterated that "Jerusalem is the capital of Israel whether the UN recognises it or not" and that Washington’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel "is overdue."

"It took 70 years for the US to officially recognise it and it will take more years until the UN also recognises it," the Israeli leader said. 

Israel and the US have continued their furious efforts to persuade countries to back Trump’s position, amid predictions that more than 150 of the 193 countries in the general assembly could vote against it.

The two leaders have been accused of bullying and blackmail, as Trump threatened to cut funding to countries that vote against the US on the motion. 

"They take hundreds of millions of dollars and even billions of dollars and then they vote against us," Trump said at the White House.

"Well, we're watching those votes. Let them vote against us. We'll save a lot. We don't care."

US Ambassador Nikki Haley had warned countries that she will report back to Trump with the names of those who support a draft resolution rejecting the US decision.

The draft resolution will mirror the vetoed measure, reaffirming that any decision on the status of Jerusalem has no legal effect and must be rescinded.

Trump sparked global outrage after he declared Jerusalem as Israel’s capital on December 6.

Israel regards Jerusalem as its capital, a position nearly the entire world rejects saying its status should be determined in peace talks with the Palestinians.

Jerusalem is a key issue in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and Arab leaders and others have reacted in anger.  

Trump's move has been condemned worldwide and protests have taken place globally in US, UK, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, Jordan.