Lebanese pop sensation Nancy Ajram to release song with Egyptian rapper Marwan Pablo

Lebanese pop sensation Nancy Ajram to release song with Egyptian rapper Marwan Pablo
Lebanese pop sensation Nancy Ajram has collaborated with Egyptian rapper Marwan Pablo and Egyptian producer Hassan el-Shafei for a new song named 'Eisha B Afia'.
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10 August, 2022
Ajram's latest hit song 'Sah Sah' made it into the US iTunes electronic charts [Getty]

Lebanese pop-sensation Nancy Ajram has collaborated with Egyptian rapper Marwan Pablo for a new song.

The song is titled 'Eisha B Afia', according to Egyptian music producer Hassan el-Shafei, who announced the collaboration between the artists on his social media channels on Tuesday.

"The song’s master [track] just came back to me, it’s amazing, are you ready?," el-Shefei is heard asking Ajram and Pablo, in a teaser video made to replicate a screen recording of a group conversation between the three creatives.  

When el-Shefei sends the track – which is not played in the video – to Ajram and Pablo, the artists reply saying it’s “dangerous” – used to reference something 'incredible' in Arabic slang.

"This is beautiful… this is not something normal… it’s dangerous!" Ajram is heard saying.

A release date for the song has not yet been announced, but el-Sheifei used an emoji saying "soon" in the caption of the video he posted.

Pablo has over 1.1 million followers on Instagram and 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube,  with over 260,000 monthly listeners on streaming platform Spotify.

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The news comes one month after Ajram released hit song ‘Sah Sah’  in collaboration with US electronic producer Marshmellow.

The cross-border collaboration was the first Arabic song to make it into a top 10 iTunes chart, according to Arabic music fans, peaking at #9 on the electronic chart.

It has also accumulated over 27 million views on YouTube and was categorised as an "Arabic hit" by Spotify.

Despite the extra excitement surrounding Lebanese national sweetheart recently, Ajram has been surrounded by controversy in recent years, including a harrowing homicide involving her husband.