Mystery surrounds death of UAE former policeman in Libya

Mystery surrounds death of UAE former policeman in Libya
Yousef Saqr Ahmad Mubarak, a former Dubai police officer, was murdered in suspicious and unexplained circumstances in a Libyan prison on January 20.
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27 January, 2017
Yousef Mubarak [left] was pictured with the UAE vice president [right] [source: Facebook]

Questions have arisen as to how an Emirati man, accused of espionage, was killed in a Libyan prison in a possible jail-break on January 20.

Yousef Saqr Ahmad Mubarak, 34, was killed after an unnamed intelligence agent broke into the prison before also being killed in turn by prison officers.

It is not known who killed Mubarak or whether he had been attempting to flee the prison at the time of his death.

Attorney-General Sadiq Al-Sour said that another prison guard suspected of involvement was being questioned on Thursday.

Mubarak, a former police officer from Dubai, was arrested by Libya Dawn militia officials in November 2015 at Tripoli international airport for allegedly possessing suspicious footage of the Turkish embassy. He was later charged but never brought to trial.

At the time of Mubarak's arrest, the Dubai police tweeted that Mubarak had been fired for 'moral reasons' however this claim was later challenged by an unverified certificate of good behaviour.

A photograph of Mubarak holding hands with the Vice President of the UAE, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, was also circulated on social media at the time of his arrest.