WATCH: Muslim woman scolded for wearing burkini in Egypt swimming pool

WATCH: Muslim woman scolded for wearing burkini in Egypt swimming pool
A 10-minute video that surfaced online has caused uproar in Egypt for discrimination against a Muslim woman who chose to wear a burkini in a swimming pool.
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21 July, 2020
The video was shared online [Instagram]
A woman that was seen scolding another woman for a wearing a burkini in a swimming pool in north Egypt has caused outrage across social media platforms, with many accusing the former of discrimination and even racism.

In 10-minute video shared by the victim’s husband online, a group of women can be seen telling a burkini-wearing swimmer to get out of the pool because her “inappropriate” costume was unappealing to the eye.

The shocking incident was filmed by one of the men accompanying the family of the victim, all of whom were swimming in the pool with their children before being rudely interrupted.

“While I was in the pool with my wife at the Stella [Di Mare], a group came to tell her it was inappropriate for her to wear this costume. She [my wife] was astonished and asked her why. Like them and everybody else there, [my wife] was renting a chalet and using the facilities and someone comes to tell her to leave the pool because she is wearing a burkini,” Mostafa Hassan, the husband of the victim, wrote in a caption accompanying the vide on Instagram.

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“This is not a Christian issue, there were many lovely Christians there that defended my wife but I see this as racism that can be likened to those that tell women not to wear short clothes etc. These are the same people that discriminate against skin colour and other religions. We are in 2020, enough ignorance,” he adds.

The video clips show other visitors quickly rush to support the woman, who defended herself throughout the ordeal, noting she was free to wear what she pleases.

“So I can wear this in California with no issues but I can’t wear it in my own country?” she asks at one point during the incident.

“This is a swimsuit, it is not even cotton. What is the problem?” she adds.

The burkini was invented back in 2004 by Australian fashion designer Aheda Zanetti who said she designed the outfit to give women more freedom.

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The burkini has had its fair share of controversy, yet it remains the choice of swimwear for most Muslim women and even non-Muslim women who do not feel as comfortable wearing a swimsuit.

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