Muslim storeowner injured in 'Islamophobic' New York attack

Muslim storeowner injured in 'Islamophobic' New York attack
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10 December, 2015
Sarker Haque was badly beaten in what is seen as part of a recent surge in Islamophobic attacks across the US as leading political figures ramp-up anti-Islam rhetoric.
The San Bernadino attack has reportedly provoked an increase in attacks against Muslims [Getty]
Sarker Haque, who owns Fatima Food Market in the city's Astoria neighbourhood, has been attacked by a visiting Florida resident, the UK's Independent has reported.

The 53-year-old suffered a sustained beating before a regular customer intervened and detained his assailant.

"I never saw a situation like that. Not even after 9/11," Haque said.

Piro Kolvani was arrested soon after the attack.

New York police are investigating the attack as a hate crime, as Haque has blamed the front cover of The New York Daily Post tabloid for inciting his attacker to violence.

     In July the number of attacks on mosques was greater than the total number of attacks in 2014

The edition in question has been roundly criticised in more liberal media circles.

There has been a reported sharp rise in attacks against Muslims in the US after the attack in San Bernadino, California, last week left 14 dead.

Kolvani entered Haque's store on Saturday apparently angered by the cover of the New York Post, featuring a photo of Tashfeen Malik, one of the San Bernadino shooters, and said "Massacre Woman Loved ISIS: Wife From Hell", Haque told The Independent.

The New York branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) told the paper there had been a steady rise in Islamophobic attacks this year.

CAIR's New York director, Sadiya Khalique, said that in July the number of attacks on mosques was greater than the total number of attacks in 2014.

However, the numbers can be misleading, Khalique said: "Many people who contact us don't want to report because they don't want to relive the incident during questioning."