Mortar shells hit fortified Green Zone in Iraq capital

Mortar shells hit fortified Green Zone in Iraq capital
Baghdad's Green Zone has been hit with explosions, in the latest violence to hit the Iraqi capital.
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07 September, 2018
The Green Zone has been hit by three mortar shells [AFP]

At least three mortar rounds hit the Iraqi capital's Green Zone early Friday night, in the latest violence to hit Baghdad.

The Green Zone houses the Iraqi government and many embassies, and has been a regular target of militants in the past. 

Friday’s shelling was a rare strike on the fortified district of Baghdad, but caused no damage or casualties, according to the ministry of defence.

"Three mortar shells landed on abandoned land inside the Green Zone in Baghdad, without causing any casualties or physical damage," Yahia Rasool Abdallah, spokesman for the ministry said on Twitter. 

"Security forces are conducting an operation in search of their assailants, and we will give you the details later."

The attack comes as the government faces renewed pressure in the southern city of Basra, with a curfew put in place in an attempt to quell the violence.

Four days of protests have led to eight deaths in Basra, with the main administrative headquarters’ torched on Thursday night.

Security forces appear to be losing control of the city, with the port closed and other government and political offices attacked by angry Iraqis.

Protesters took to the streets due to poor government services, unemployment and rising prices.

Protests over electricity cuts and unemployment have gripped other Iraqi cities in the past.

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