Morocco's World Cup qualifier win marred by Brussels violence

Morocco's World Cup qualifier win marred by Brussels violence
Over 20 police officers were injured in Belgium after riots broke out with football fans celebrating Morocco's win against the Ivory Coast, which sees them qualify for the World Cup.
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13 November, 2017
Damages in Belgium due to riots after Morocco's qualifier win [Getty]

Hundreds of football fans celebrated Morocco's win against Ivory Coast in Brussels after its 2-0 victory saw it qualify to the World Cup.

Celebrations, however, turned violent when riot police were deployed to control the crowd in the Belgium capital leading to over 20 police officers injured.

Police reported that cars were burned and shops looted by rioters. Reports on social media showed water cannons being fired at the crowds, which police said was in response to some people throwing stones.

Jan Jambon, the Belgian interior minister, condemned the violence and described it as, "unacceptable aggression in the centre of Brussels".

"Living together means respect, also to the police who are committed to our safety day and night," he added.

Belgium boasts a large North African community, with Moroccans constituting the third largest ethnic group.