Morocco tightens security following Paris attacks

Morocco tightens security following Paris attacks
The Moroccan government will implement tightened security measures to confront terrorism in the country following the terrorist attacks that in Paris last Friday.
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17 November, 2015
Morocco will implement a new high-level counter-terrorism plan [AFP]

The Moroccan government has approved a new high-level counter-terrorism plan to "confront the scepter of terrorism in Morocco" following the terrorist attacks that hit Paris last Friday, Moroccan daily al-Massae reported on Tuesday.

The new plan, developed by the Moroccan Interior Ministry in cooperation with the General Directorate for National Security (DGSN) and the General Directorate of Territorial Surveillance (DGST), is set to take effect immediately until the end of the year and to secure the New Year festivities throughout Morocco.

"The terms of the anti-terrorism plan were put into execution and the instructions to the relevant departments will be applied across the whole country," a source revealed to al-Massae.

"Special units consisting of police officers have set up crisis cells at police headquarters of major cities, ready to receive alerts and coordinate with the General Directorate of National Security in case of a terrorist threat," the same source added.

"It is expected that a joint brigade [under the supervision of the Prosecutor General] made up of officers of the DGST, the gendarmerie, kingpins and pashas be set up to coordinate actions to counter any terrorist threat."

The new counterterrorism plan will increase surveillance at all Moroccan borderlines and tighten security to foreign admissions into the territory. The tightened security measures will also apply to airport personnel across the country.

On Sunday, Morocco's national airline announced its decision to tighten security at Moroccan airport and ensure the safety of travelers.

In its statement, Royal Air Maroc urged travelers to show up at the check-in counters at least three hours before the take-off.

The national company also provided a contact number for travelers to call for additional information regarding security measures.