Morocco protests resume months after fishmonger's death

Morocco protests resume months after fishmonger's death
Protesters continue to calls for a thorough investigation into Mouhcine Fikri's death, as well as broader social reforms in Northern Morocco.
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06 January, 2017
Protests broke out nationwide in October after Mouhcine Fikri's death [AFP]

Security forces have broken up a protest in Morocco's northern city of Al-Hoceima, a rights group said on Thursday, months after a local fishmonger's death in a garbage truck sparked unrest.

Police dispersed demonstrators in the city centre late on Wednesday as they did not have a permit for their protest, Mohamed Bassiri of the Moroccan Association of Human Rights (AMDH) said.

Videos shared on social media showed protesters running from police in the city's main square. Some appeared to be injured and bruised, while others were arrested.

Footage circulated on social media showed police chasing dozens of protesters from the city's main square after asking them to end the sit-in with a megaphone.

It showed protesters on the ground who appeared to have been bruised, and other demonstrators being arrested.

According to the AMDH, all were later released.

Protests broke out across Morocco in October, when 31-year-old Mouhcine Fikri was crushed to death in a garbage truck as he protested against the seizure of some fish that were not meant to have been caught at that time of year.

While most protests have ended, activists in Al-Hoceima have continued to call for an investigation into Fikri's death, as well as for an end to mass unemployment and nepotism.