Morocco in major anti-'terrorist' operation: media

Morocco in major anti-'terrorist' operation: media
Dozens of people have been questioned by Moroccan authorities for their alleged ties to militant groups.
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Morocco has been largely spared from attacks by jihadists [Getty/archive]

Moroccan investigators questioned around 50 people Wednesday across the kingdom in a major operation targeting suspected jihadist supporters, local media reported, citing security sources.

Among them, 21 were arrested on suspicion of having pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group or Al-Qaeda, the reports said, adding anti-terrorist special forces were involved.

Officers seized knives, publications defending "terrorism," and instructions for making explosives, they added.

The North African country has been largely spared acts of violence by jihadist groups, but its security services often report crackdowns and foiled attack plans.

Last week police in Morocco and Spain said two people, including an IS supporter, had been arrested in a joint operation by both countries' security services targeting "terrorists".