Morocco arrests 'Hezbollah member' over fraud and identity theft allegations

Morocco arrests 'Hezbollah member' over fraud and identity theft allegations
The Lebanese national is alleged to have used stolen passports to garner the trust of his victims.
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08 January, 2021
Foreign currency and different driving licences were discovered at his home [Getty]
Moroccan police have arrested a Lebanese national in Casablanca, over charges of committing fraud and identity theft.

A statement released by the General Directorate of National Security said that the 57-year-old, who is allegedly a Hezbollah party member, was arrested on January 6.

The man is accused of posing as the manager of a foreign company and defrauding money from several victims in Morocco.

As proof of his credentials, the man is said to have shown his victims' French and Portuguese passports.

Moroccan security services have said that the passports in question have previously been declared as stolen and are listed on an INTERPOL database.

Following a search of his home, police discovered a quantity of money in a variety of currencies, which they claim had been stolen, two passports, and three driving licences, that bear the names of French, Portuguese and Italian nationals. 

Moroccan police are said to be working with INTERPOL to determine to whom the passports and driving licences belong. The suspect remains in custody.

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