Outrage in Morocco over second clip of sexual harassment in Tangier

Outrage in Morocco over second clip of sexual harassment in Tangier
Footage of a woman being sexually assaulted on the street in Tangier sparked outrage online just over a month after a similar incident occurred in the same city.
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23 October, 2021
One comment on the video clip simply read: "Tangier again" [Getty/ Archive]

Moroccans on social media were outraged by yet another video clip of sexual harassment on the streets of Tangier. 

The footage shared by local news site Morocco World News showed a man approaching a woman from behind. He put his hand up her dress and then quickly ran away. 

The clip, which has been watched 2,600 times on Facebook, is the second in just over a month to show sexual violence perpetrated against women in Tangier. In mid-September, a similar incident occurred when two young men violated a woman on the street and filmed the crime - prompting fury online and questions over women’s public safety. 

“He deserves to be in jail, no female should be harassed by a boy whether it’s friends, family or stranger,” said one comment on the latest video clip, which was liked seven times. 

Another comment read: “Tangier again”. 

Local authorities responded “immediately” to the latest video and have arrested the perpetrator, a 16-year-old minor, according to Morocco World News.

The suspected 16-year-old was placed under police surveillance while the juvenile department of Tangier’s Judicial Police conducts an investigation. 

In the sexual harassment incident that occurred in September, three minors were arrested 48 hours afterwards, one of whom was a 15-year-old.

However, despite quick arrests, the victim decided not to press charges. 

According to the High Commissioner for Planning (HCP)’s latest report on the status of women in the country, a large proportion of aggressive behaviour on the street goes unreported and few victims file complaints.