Moroccan protester sets fire to himself

Moroccan protester sets fire to himself
A demonstrator in Morocco has set himself ablaze in protest at judiciary neglect, and is receiving treatment in hospital.
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12 February, 2016
The protesters actions will bring to mind those of Tunisian fruit-seller Mohamed Bouazizi [Getty]
A door-to-door salesman is receiving medical treatment after setting himself on fire in a public prosecutor's office, local media has reported.

The protester's identity has yet to be revealed, but it is known he was frustrated at the judiciary's alleged inaction on a complaint he had filed in the southern city of Agadir, over a simple vehicle collision.

Suffering second-degree burns, he was taken to hospital with a police escort, reported Lakome 2, a Moroccan news website.

He will face questioning to determine whether he should face legal action.

His actions will bring to mind the fatal protest of young Tunisian fruit-seller Mohamed Bouazizi, who set himself alight in December 2010 and died a month later, sparking a revolution in his country and the 2011 Arab Spring.

In 2013, a door-to-door salesman in Marrakech, in central of Morocco - a country where the World Bank says one in three young people are jobless - died after setting himself on fire to protest against the confiscation of his merchandise.