Liverpool's Mohamed Salah thanks Arab fans after winning Premier League

Liverpool's Mohamed Salah thanks Arab fans after winning Premier League
Mohamed Salah, who becomes the second ever Arab national to have won the Premier League, thanked his fans in "my beloved country, Egypt, and across the Arab world".
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26 June, 2020
Salah has helped Liverpool win a host of top football titles [Getty]
Egyptian Liverpool FC star Mo Salah celebrated his team's pre-emptive win of the English Premier League on Thursday by sending out a message of thanks to him Egyptian and Arab fans.

Salah posted images of himself celebrating with his teammates on Thursday evening, after it was confirmed Liverpool will win the league following the defeat of rivals Manchester City which gives Liverpool an unsurmountable lead at the top of the table.

In his three years at Liverpool, Salah has helped his team win several high-profile competitions including the Champion's League. 

Thursday's results mark the club's first Premier League title.

The 28-year-old Egypt captain also becomes the second ever Arab national player to win the English top division.

Algerian Riyad Mahrez won the title playing for Leicester City in 2016.

"Yes. It feels THAT good. I want to thank all our supporters watching us from all corners of the world. You made this possible for us and I hope we can keep bringing you the joy you deserve," Salah tweeted on Thursday.

However he also tweeted in Arabic, singling out his Arab and Egyptian fans for their support.

"I want to thank all the people who stood by me and supported me at this time, especially in my beloved country, Egypt, and across entire Arab world .. I will never in my life forget your support," he wrote to his 12.4 million Twitter followers.

He accompanied the tweet with a photo of himself and teammates grinning and wearing Liverpool tops and scarves after watching the Manchester City game.

Salah is not only a record-breaking goal scorer, but also one of the most visibly Muslim players in the UK.

The superstar player regularly performs an Islamic prostration to thank God every time he scores a goal, an action which has been included in the FIFA 2019 video game.

His football success proving extremely popular among fans, 27-year-old Salah has been credited with bringing down levels of hate crimes and Islamophobia in the Liverpool area since joining the club, according to a study.

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