#BlackLivesMatter: Mo Salah's Liverpool 'take the knee' for George Floyd

#BlackLivesMatter: Mo Salah's Liverpool 'take the knee' for George Floyd
English Premier League teams are making displays of solidarity following the death of American George Floyd in US police custody.
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02 June, 2020
Liverpool FC have made the protest on Monday [Getty]
Liverpool football club has made a show of solidarity with anti-racism protesters in the US following the horrifying death in police custody of George Floyd.

Liverpool players - including Mo Salah - were pictured "taking the knee" at Anfield Stadium, a gesture that has been used by athletes in the US to protest police racism and brutality.

The image showing the 29 players of the club, set to become Premier League champions, in formation around Anfield's half-way line circle, bent on one knee.

Liverpool, Captain Jordan Henderson, Trent Alexander-Arnold and other players shared the image on their social media profiles in a show of solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter movement in the US.

Anti-racism protests in the US have erupted again after George Floyd was suffocated by a policeman, who knelt on his throat for several minutes until he died.

The African-American man was arrested for a counterfeit 20 dollar bill and pleaded with the officer that he was unable to breathe in the position.

A first autopsy alleged that Floyd's death was the result of underlying health problems but a second ruled it was due to "mechanical asphyxia" - meaning the officer could be prosecuted for homicide.

Taking a knee has been used as a form of protest by a number of US sports stars, including American football star Colin Kaepernick.

Acknowleged as one of the best quarterbacks in the game, Kaepernick has been unable to sign for another team since making the gesture during national anthems at San Francisco 49ers game.

Taking the knee - or a knee - began as a protest against police brutality, which has overwhelmingly targeted African-Americans.

Other English football teams replicated the gesture taken by Liverpool on Monday, including Chelsea and Newcastle.

Clubs such as Manchester United also posted anti-racism graphics on their social media pages following the debate.

League leaders Liverpool are back in training after the season was suspended due to coronavirus.

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