Missiles hit Syrian regime airbase in Homs province

Missiles hit Syrian regime airbase in Homs province
More airstrikes targeted Syrian regime positions on Thursday evening, with Hizballah fighters believed to be among the casualties.
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25 May, 2018
Dabaa has been reportedly hit in an airstrike [file photo-AFP]
A Syrian regime airbase in Homs province was targeted in air strikes on Thursday evening, monitors have reported, the second bombing of pro-Bashar al-Assad forces in 24 hours.

The strikes took place at a military airport near Qasr, central Syria late Thursday, with reports on social media of several explosions.

Witnesses reported seeing planes flying over Lebanese airspace before the missiles hit, leading to suspicion Israel carries out the strikes.

Syrian state media said that air defence systems "intercepted a missile aggression" at one of its airbases in central Syria.

"Air defense confronted a hostile rocket strike on one of the military airbase in the central region and prevented it from achieving its goals," SANA reported.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that Hizballah and militia fighters were among the casualties following the attack on Dabaa military airport.

The strikes follow explosions reported at another regime military base in eastern Syria, earlier on Thursday.

The blasts reported to have killed at least 12 foreign fighters, although Damascus denied anyone was killed.

Syrian state media blamed the US for the attack, something denied by Washington.

Israel has launched a number of strikes on positions and bases linked to Iran and Lebanese Shia movement Hizballah.