Migrants in Greece shot after venturing out of locked-down camp

Migrants in Greece shot after venturing out of locked-down camp
Two asylum seekers who broke quarantine restrictions by leaving locked-down Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos were left injured after being shot by unknown gunmen.
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23 April, 2020
The Moria camp houses over 19,000 asylum seekers despite being built for 3,000 people [Getty]
Two asylum seekers on the Greek island of Lesbos were shot and injured after apparently violating coronavirus quarantine rules, officials said on Thursday.

The two men, an Iranian and an Afghan, reported to the camp's infirmary with buckshot wounds late Wednesday, sources at the Moria camp said.

They were taken to the local hospital but their condition was not deemed serious.

The men told police they had ventured out of the camp, which is under lockdown alongside the rest of Greece's migrant facilities to limit the spread of the virus.

There have been coronavirus cases in two camps and a migrant hotel on the Greek mainland, where 150 people tested positive this week. 

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So far, no cases have been reported in camps on the islands, however, there has been no widespread screening conducted by authorities.

Over 1,700 asylum seekers arrived in Greek islands on the Aegean sea in March, the majority in Lesbos, after Turkey decided to open its borders with Greece to pressure the European Union to implement what it says are unfulfilled pledges under a previous migrant deal.

Moria camp now houses more than 19,000 asylum seekers, despite being originally built to hold about 3,000 people. The overcrowded and unsanitary conditions in the camp mean an outbreak of Covid-19 would be catastrophic.

The influx of asylum seekers prompted a wave of anti-migrant violence by the authorities as well as far-right mobs roaming the islands.

The violence has left Moria short of food and medical care and with many of its vital services subject to closure. Some parts of the camp, including food stores and a volunteer-run school, were destroyed in fires.

Agencies contributed to this report.

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