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Mexico asks Israel for ex-diplomat's extradition

Mexico requests Israel extradite writer, ex-diplomat Andres Roemer on sex allegations
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There are approximately 60 allegations against Andres Roemer, according to activists.
Prosecutors had previously announced Roemer was wanted by Interpol [Michael Macor/San Francisco Chronicle/Getty-archive]

Mexico has asked Israel to extradite the writer and former diplomat Andres Roemer who is facing multiple accusations of rape and sexual assault, prosecutors said Monday.

"We hope to obtain his apprehension and transfer to Mexico so that he can be made available to a judge soon," Mexico City prosecutor Ernestina Godoy said in a video message.

The request has the support of Mexico's foreign ministry and attorney general, she said.

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Prosecutors had previously announced that Roemer, who has Mexican and Israeli dual nationality, was wanted by Interpol at the request of the Mexican government after a court issued an arrest warrant.

The allegations against him, which number about 60 according to activists, began in February when the Mexican dancer Itzel Schnaas accused him of sexual assault.

The 57-year-old former Mexican consul in San Francisco and goodwill ambassador to UNESCO "categorically" denied the first accusation.

But he withdrew from social media in the face of mounting allegations that he had touched women inappropriately after meeting them on a work pretext.