Palestinians in the West Bank faced large-scale attacks by Israeli settlers on Friday and Saturday, as cars were set alight and dozens injured
Israeli forces have conducted deadly raids across occupied West Bank where two Palestinians were killed including Tubas Battalion leader Mohammed Rasoul.
Samantha Power's admittance follows weeks of warnings from humanitarian experts and reports of children starving to death in Gaza
Israeli strikes continue to pound Gaza, with at least 10 killed in Gaza City, as Iran threatens to attack Tel Aviv - escalating tensions in the region.
Ireland's new taoiseach met with Spain's Pedro Sanchez to discuss a Palestinian state plan since becoming leader.
Hamas has said it is not able to commit to releasing 40 living hostages for the first phase of a ceasefire but that it can release 40 hostages in total.
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Iran has vowed revenge for Israel's attack on its consulate building in Damascus last week which marked a major escalation in fighting between the two foes
Ghassan Abu Sittah
Dr Ghassan Abu Sittah was barred entry into Germany to speak at a Palestine solidarity conference taking place in the capital Berlin today.
Ahmed Mohsen, a photojournalist, was arrested for covering pro-Gaza protests in Jordan and has been held in detention for nearly two weeks.
Israel's siege of Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza resulted in the killing, wounding and disappearance of 1,500 people, according to Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor.