Mauritania rally for rights of Haratin

Mauritania rally for rights of Haratin
Haratins are to hold a rally to raise awareness of their social, political and economic rights.
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12 April, 2015
Slavery has left behind its legacy in Mauritania [Getty]
A mass rally will be held in Mauritania on 29 April to raise awareness of the rights of former Haratin slaves.

The demonstration is being organised by the Standing Committee for the charter on the political, economic and social rights of Haratins in Mauritania.

The rally will mark the second anniversary of the charter under the slogan "freedom, justice and equality" in a "united, fair and reconciled" Mauritania.

The Committee has invited political leaders, civil society activists and intellectuals and anyone aspiring for a better future for all society.

The charter was established two years ago by a group of Haratins fighting for their political, economic and social rights.

The group accuses authorities of marginalising Haratins, failing to implement laws and complying with the perpetrators of slavery crimes. It believes extremism, exclusion and the denial of citizenship rights is common in Mauritania.

Mauritania still suffers from the legacy of slavery. The descendents of Haratin slaves have been marginalised and contine to suffer from poverty, illiteracy and discrimination.

Over the past 25 years, many anti-slavery laws have been approved. Despite this slavery has not been eliminated, and Haratins continues to suffer from its consquences. Many have been forced into poverty, ignorance and oppression, and continue to serve their former masters.

This article is an edited translation from our Arabic edition.