Massive Afghan blast close to anti-Taliban protest in Kabul

Massive Afghan blast close to anti-Taliban protest in Kabul
A suicide bomber has targeted a march by the mostly Shia Hazara demonstration in the capital Kabul.
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12 November, 2018
Afghanistan has been hit by numerous bombings [file photo-AFP]

A huge blast struck the Afghan capital on Monday, killing at least six people and injuring more.

The suicide bomber detonated his explosives close to a high school in the downtown area of Kabul, with footage from the scene showing several dead bodies on the floor.

"It was a huge blast near Istiqlal high school, very close to where the demonstrators were gathering," witness Qais Nawabi told AFP. 

"It is hard to see whether it was a suicide attack or a bomb (that had been planted)," he told AFP on the condition of anonymity.

Police told the agency there was around 10 to 15 casualties on the ground, as well as body parts.

At least six people were killed in the blast, according to Reuters, saying it took place close to a police checkpoint with ten officers and civilians injured.

Hundreds of Afghans had earlier taken part in a demonstration close to the area of the blast. 

They were protesting against the breakdown of security in Afghanistan and continued attacks on Afghanistan's Shia Hazara population by the Taliban and Islamic State group militants.

Protesters dominated the government deploy more troops to Hazara-dominated districts in Ghazni province which have been attacked by the Taliban.