Mass Iraqi-Kurdish protests as party offices are torched

Mass Iraqi-Kurdish protests as party offices are torched
Protesters in the Iraqi-Kurdish city of Sulaymaniyah have set fire to the local KRG offices and demanded the ruling party step down from power.
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18 December, 2017
Iraqi-Kurdistan has erupted in anti-austerity protests [Anadolu]
Protesters have set fire to the offices of the ruling Kurdish Democratic Party headquarters on Monday and demanded that the regional government step down.

Crowds also torched the offices of the rival Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), as well as those of two other parties, local media reported.

Around 3,000 people - including public sector workers -gathered in Sulaymaniyah to protest against austerity and unpaid salaries.

It also comes on the back of political unrest after a controversial independence referendum organised by Erbil sparked an Iraqi military assault on Kurdish-held territories and blockade by neighbouring countries and the Baghdad government.

The disaster led to President Massoud Barzani resigning from his post and a PUK and KDP coalition government.
Baghdad cut funds to the Kurdistan Regional Government in 2014 after the region moved towards greater economic indepencence.

Legislative and presidential elections in the region due on 1 November were postponed because of the turmoil.

Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani, the ex-president's nephew, has pledged to hold the polls over the next three months.