Manchester rally slams Israel's 'ethnic cleansing' of Palestinians

Manchester rally slams Israel's 'ethnic cleansing' of Palestinians
Protesters gathered in the centre of Manchester to denounce Israel's 'ethnic cleansing' of Palestinians, as well as pro-Israel groups' recent actions on UK university campuses.
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30 January, 2022
Manchester also saw pro-Palestine protests during Israel's May assault on GAza. [Getty]

Protesters took to the streets of the northern English city of Manchester on Saturday in solidarity with Palestinians, particularly those facing forced removal from their homes in Jerusalem.

Dozens of protesters carried banners saying “Save Sheikh Jarrah”, referring to the Palestinian neighbourhood were several families face forced removal from their homes, as well as banners denouncing Israel’s "ethnic cleansing" against Palestinians.

Israel’s attempts to remove four Palestinian families from Sheikh Jarrah to make way for Israel settlers caught international attention last year, when events on the ground were shared on social media by local residents. 

The events triggered unrest across the occupied Palestinian territories, as well as rare protests in Palestinian communities in Israel. The unrest was followed by a crushing Israeli military campaign on Gaza in May, killing more than 250 Palestinians and injuring thousands

Protesters in Manchester on Saturday also denounced Sheffield Hallam University’s now-retracted dismissal of Palestinian academic Shahd Abusalama amid a pro-Israeli smear campaign.

"A young Palestinian woman is going through university has to face all that from Israel, and then the institutions in this country also make her suffer at the rest of a few Israeli groups are apologists for apartheid," said one protester in a speech at the rally.

Abusalama was suspended by the university when an anonymous anti-Semitism complaint was made against her.

On Friday, the academic was reinstated, however she said she still has not seen the allegations against her and an investigation against her continues.