Man with guns arrested near Disneyland Paris

Man with guns arrested near Disneyland Paris
The 28-year-old was held at an entrance to a hotel at the famed Euro resort.
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28 January, 2016
Disneyland closed briefly after the November Paris attacks [Getty]
A 28-year-old man has been arrested along with his female partner after he was stopped trying to enter a hotel near Disneyland Paris. The man was carrying two guns and a Quran, a police source has said.

He was taken into custody on Thursday, with no injuries during the operation, one official noted.

An unnamed police source told Reuters that the suspect's bag set off a security alarm as he passed through a metal detector at the park's New York Hotel.

His partner was detained later at the park, the official said. The woman didn't appear to be armed, and no other suspects are currently being pursued, the official said.

The man is believed to have been unknown to police prior to the incident.

There are several hotels around Disneyland Paris, just east of the French capital. The park, Europe's most popular tourist destination, conducts security checks at each entrance.

The park remained open on Thursday. Employees at multiple hotels around Disneyland Paris said they continued functioning as usual after the arrest.

France officially remains under a state of emergency since extremist attacks in Paris killed 130 people in November. Disneyland closed briefly after those attacks.

Officials with Disneyland Paris and the French Interior Ministry had no immediate comment about the arrest.