Man arrested in Lebanon after burning son as 'punishment' for returning home late

Man arrested in Lebanon after burning son as 'punishment' for returning home late
The man, 45, reportedly punished his son in a horrific way because the boy returned home late.
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26 October, 2020
News of the abuse broke out locally [Getty-file photo]

A Syrian man in Lebanon has been arrested after allegedly burning his 10-year-old son with a heated knife as punishment for returning home late, local media reported on Friday.

It is believed that the man had heated the knife before inflicted burns on his son's face and hand, according to the boy's testimony. 

The man, who lives in Ain El-Remmeneh area of Beirut, was arrested after news of the abuse broke out in the country. 

"As a result of the investigations carried out by the Southern District Judicial Detachment in the Judicial Police Unit, we were able to determine the identity and whereabouts of the father, and arrested him on October 22," an International Security Forces statement said, according to local media.

"After interrogating the father, he admitted wrongdoing," the statement added.

The ISF shared images of the child, showing scabs on his cheek and arm.

The boy, identified as M.S. works at a local vegetable shop, according to the ISF statement.

The child gave his testimony and recounted the horrific incident. His father remains in custody pending trial.

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