Man arrested in Kuwait after brutal assault on woman caught on video

Man arrested in Kuwait after brutal assault on woman caught on video
Outrage has filled Kuwait after a man was seen brutally assaulting a woman - believed to be his wife - on the street, after she reportedly began working against his will.
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17 September, 2022
Outrage spread after a man attacked a woman on a street in Kuwait [Getty]

A man has been arrested in Kuwait after brutally assaulting a woman on the street.

The suspected perpetrator is reported to be the woman’s husband, who allegedly assaulted his wife after she was hired and began working despite his disapproval, Kuwaiti news outlet Al-Majliss reported.

The video – filmed by an individual from a building close to the scene – shows the perpetrator smash the window of a car while the woman is inside.

When she exits, he is seen violently throwing her to the ground, hitting and kicking her, as she screams and passers-by attempt to intervene, but retreat after the perpetrator aggressively walks towards them.

“The security authorities were able to arrest a person who appeared in a video clip on some social networking sites who assaulted a woman,” the Kuwaiti ministry of interior wrote in a statement on Thursday, as it shared a screenshot of the video in question.

“The incident was a family dispute and the case was referred to the relevant police station and a criminal case was registered to investigate the incident and take the necessary legal measures,” the ministry continued.

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The ministry did not specify the relationship between the perpetrator and the victim.

Outrage spread across social media following the attack as activists called for justice and demanded that the perpetrator divorces his wife.

“This is very harmful and inhumane… the Kuwaiti authorities will teach him a lesson,” Twitter user Ali Al-Qadhi wrote

“Divorce her, you have no right to break her bones because she was hired,” another Tweeter, Al-Fargad wrote. 

“You have no right to control her life as if it were a remote control in your hand. She is a wife not a maidservant,” another Twitter user wrote.