Male-female friendships cannot exist and 'satanic' Friends is proof: Egyptian preacher

Male-female friendships cannot exist and 'satanic' Friends is proof: Egyptian preacher
A video of Egyptian preacher Moez Masoud forbidding mixed gender friendships, using Friends as an example, has resurfaced.
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08 October, 2020
The Friends cast during a special London episode in 1998 [Getty]
A video has emerged of Egyptian preacher and public intellectual Moez Masoud saying that mixed-gender, platonic friendships cannot exist because they will always have sexual undertones, and cited the popular TV show "Friends" as proof of his claim.

In a TV clip that is now recirculating on Arab social media circles, Masoud warned against men and women forming platonic friendships.

"You may think you're only friends, but really there is something more. Let us take an example from the Western world," Masoud said.

"Proof lies in the popular TV show 'Friends', in which there was a very strange dynamic. Three boys and three girls who say they are all friends, right?"

"Three of the boys were in love with two of the girls, and one thing that is funny is the only girl who was not lusted over is the ugly one called Phoebe," he claimed.

Masoud went on to say the show's main male characters - Ross, Chandler and Joey - had "satanic vibes".

"Friends", which aired between 1994 and 2004, is a landmark American comedy about six New York-based characters navigating life in their 20s and 30s. Romance, friendship and family were common themes of the show.

One of the longest romantic sub-plots of "Friends" was between Ross and Rachel and their on-and-off relationship, despite the characters knowing each other from their teenage years.

Two of the other characters, Chandler and Monica, also married after years of platonic friendship.

Criticisms of the show has come under the limelight recently, with many claiming its humour was drenched in colourism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia.

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