Madonna supports 'Google deletes Palestine' campaign, but did it actually happen?

Madonna supports 'Google deletes Palestine' campaign, but did it actually happen?
Madonna posted a series of posts on Instagram supporting Palestine.
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22 July, 2020
Madonna wrote she stands with Palestine [Getty]

US musician Madonna published a series of posts expressing support for Palestine on Instagram, after people online accused Google and Apple of deleting Palestine from online maps – a claim that is inaccurate.

The 61-year-old singer shared an image that said "Google and Apple have officially removed Palestine from their maps".

Another post repeated the sentence "put Palestine back on the map", before adding "#IStandWithPalestine".

The "Like a Virgin" singer shared a pro-Palestine quote by black activist Angela Davis.

"Black solidarity with Palestine allows us to understand the nature of contemporary racism more deeply."

While some social media users enjoyed her expression of solidarity, others thought it was performative.

One social media user screengrabbed Madonna's Instagram story posts and shared them on Twitter, writing: "This is @Madonna’s Instagram story currently showing solidarity with #Palestine. She has over 15 Million followers on #Instagram. Has the ‘material girl’ finally seen the light?!"

"The pop legends gives a shout out to Palestine, and demands Google and apple to put on their Electronic maps the name of Palestine. Thank you @Madonna," another Twitter user added.

Others pointed out Madonna's recent support of Louis Farrakhan, who has made a number of anti-semitic statements over the years.

Earlier this month Madonna posted an Instagram trailer for a Fourth of July address given by Farrakhan; in his speech, he called Jews "Satan".

Did Google and Apple delete Palestine?

The social media giants have been accused of wiping Palestine from their maps, a claim which originated from a viral Instagram post by a user called "Astagfirvlah".

It said that the two platforms were "officially removing" Palestine from the maps causing debate on social media.

If one searches for Palestine on Apple Maps and Google Maps, it shows the Gaza Strip and West Bank territories, but no label for Palestine, but the country was never mentioned before.


It went on to add: "However we have to spread awareness on this issue.

"Because maps develop to our national consciousness. We NEED our voices to be louder this time. Use your voice. Use your power. This is a revolutionary year, and we will fight for the needed change to bring Palestine on the maps. #FreePalestine."

Palestine is recognised by the United Nations as an independent state but not in the US, where Apple and Google are based.

On the topic of disputed territory, Google wrote on its website:

"Disputed boundaries are displayed as a dashed grey line. The places involved don't agree on a boundary."

Rights groups confirm over a hundred illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank, which activists say are eroding the borders and viability of a functioning and independent Palestinian state.

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