Macron urges Trump to stick with Iran nuclear deal

Macron urges Trump to stick with Iran nuclear deal
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22 April, 2018
The French president has worked hard to forge close ties with Donald Trump as other world leaders keep their distance.
Macron has emerged as Europe's no. 1 defender of globalism [Getty]

French President Emmanuel Macron is urging US President Donald Trump not to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal, saying there is no "Plan B".

Macron said that while he thinks the 2015 accord is imperfect, it remains the best course of action. "What do you have as a better option?" he told Fox News in an interview that aired on Sunday. 

Trump has threatened to withdraw from the Iran deal unless US and European negotiators agree to fix what he calls "serious flaws" by May 12.

In his Fox News interview, Macron also argued against new tariffs Trump has threatened to impose starting May 1, saying "you don't make trade war with your allies".

Macron plans to discuss the tariffs and to urge the US to stay involved in Syria during his upcoming visit to Washington starting on Monday. It will be the first official visit of any state leader since Trump took office last year.

Most observers say Macron has worked hard to maintain a tough-love relationship with the US president. He reportedly speaks with Trump frequently on the telephone and most recently claimed his efforts convinced the US president to strike chemical weapons facilities in Syria.

Macron and Trump share at least one commonality - both are relative political newcomers who never held elected office before both becoming president.

Meanwhile on Sunday Iran's foreign minister said the US push to change the nuclear agreement was sending a "very dangerous message" that countries should never negotiate with Washington.

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