Shame on you: Angry protesters storm town hall over government response to Grenfell Tower tragedy

Shame on you: Angry protesters storm town hall over government response to Grenfell Tower tragedy
Angry calls for an independent inquest started to grow on Friday, as protesters gathered, demanding transparent answers to their questions.
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16 June, 2017

There were angry scenes in the centre of London on Friday evening as protesters stormed one government building and protested loudly in front of another.

Two protests were called in reaction to the Grenfell Tower fire on Wednesday with many calling for an independent inquest into the event.

An online petition, demanding an independent inquest into the fire had gathered almost 70,000 signatures by 6pm on Friday.

Crowds of people walked into the Kensington town hall to organise a sit-in in response

One woman outside the town hall told the BBC that the council's response to the emergency had been "chaotic".

"We were sent from hospital to hospital looking for loved ones, why was there no community house for family members or a checklist for those who are safe?

"We live in the modern world, why is it carried out like this? What we want is for someone from the public authority to tell us what the procedure is."

The Met police have confirmed that 30 people died in the fire and scores more are still missing.

The mayor for London has demanded for better help from the government in an open letter published on Twitter, adding that other people living in tower blocks were "terrified".

"I appreciate that the authorities want to be absolutely certain that any information is correct before it is issued publicly, and the fire brigade, police and coroner are doing a heroic job obtaining this information in extremely difficult circumstances," Sadiq Khan said.

"While the current systems in place may work well for a terrorist attack, there are legitimate questions about whether they are still appropriate in situations where obtaining this information could take much longer."