London mosque's elderly muezzin 'forgives attacker', returns to prayers less than a day after stabbing

London mosque's elderly muezzin 'forgives attacker', returns to prayers less than a day after stabbing
A homeless man who stabbed a mosque leader has been charged in court a day after his victim returned to prayers at the London Central Mosque.
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23 February, 2020
Raafat Maglad returned to the mosque a day after being attacked [Screenshot]
A British court on Saturday charged a 29-year-old homeless man with causing grievous bodily harm and possessing an illegal knife he used to stab a mosque leader during prayers.

Suspect Daniel Horton stabbed London Central Mosque's muezzin Raafat Maglad during daily prayers on Thursday.

London police quickly ruled out a terror motive.

Maglad was treated at a London hospital and returned to the mosque for Friday's evening service with his arm wrapped in a sling.

"I forgive him. I feel very sorry for him," Maglad told reporters on Friday.

"To me, as a Muslim, I don't need to put any hatred in my heart."

Prosecutor Tanyia Dogra said Maglad had suffered a wound to his neck.

She also told the court that the two men knew each other because Horton had come to the Regent's Park area mosque in northwest London several times over the years.

Horton was remanded in custody ahead of another court hearing on March 20.

Speaking after Friday prayers at the London Central Mosque, London Mayor Sadiq Khan spoke of the fear that some now feel when attending places of worship.

"I am here as your Mayor to reassure you after the awful incident we saw yesterday that our places of worship - whether they are mosques, synagogues or churches - are temples and should be sanctuaries and safe havens, safe from the fear of attack," Khan said.

"The good news is that Abu Azim, our brother who was injured yesterday, is with us today for Jummah prayers. Unfortunately there are some people who will attack people at their most vulnerable, which is then they are worshipping.'

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