Live coverage: First US presidential debate kicks off [Concluded]

Live coverage: First US presidential debate kicks off [Concluded]
The first of three US presidential debates has started in Hofstra University, New York. Follow The New Arab's live-wire coverage of key points of the debate
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27 September, 2016
Much anticipated debate kicks off in New York [Getty]
5:40 [GMT]

The debate comes to an end. So does out coverage, thank you for tuning in!

Next debate will be on October 9.

The candidates closed the duel with the topic of women. Trump was called out on his remarks suggesting Clinton lacked "stamina". She hints this might be sexist, cites his record.

Trump admits she has experience "but the wrong kind of experience."

Clinton was the clearly "presidential" candidate but will it matter to Trump's base?

We will know on November 8.

5:30 [GMT]

Clinton defends her record on Iran against Trump criticism. Suggests he should be the last man to have nuclear codes, cites how he is easily taunted [e.g. recent standoff with Iranian navy]

Trump: I cannot take anything off the table (in reference to nuclear weapon use)

5:20 [GMT]

Clinton: response to terrorism should include working with Muslims, Americans and others, to defeat radicalism, but "Trump consistently insulted" them.
5:15 [GMT]

Trump: Obama created vacuum in which ISIS grew. US troops should have stayed in Iraq and oil should have been taken

5:10 [GMT]
The debate moves on to national and cyber security.

Clinton takes a swipe at Trump for praising Russia and Putin, whom she accuses of hacking into the DNC.

She calls for ramping up security measures to deter adversaries, and highlights a plan to defeat ISIS, including online, and support "Our Arab and Kurdish" allies to take Raqqa and push ISIS out of Iraq.

One of her top priorities, she says, would be to take out Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi just like Bin Laden was taken out.

5:05 [GMT]
Trump obfuscates on his birther stance. Deflects question from moderator.

Clinton mocks Trump's laughable attempt at evading his "racist" claims about Barack Obama, the first black US president.

(On the subject of racial healing)

4:55 [GMT]
  • There is systematic racism in justice system
  • Gun laws should be reformed
  • There is implicit bias against certain racial groups. Policing should be improved. Police officers should be re-trained [Black Lives Matter would agree]

4:50 [GMT]
Clinton calls for measures to tackle "gun epidemic". Trump stresses the need for "law and order" in America, suggests taking guns away from specific groups (calls them 'gangs'), stressing the problem affects African Americans and Hispanics. He wants a return to "stop and frisk" which Clinton says is unconstitutional.

4:45 [GMT]

Trump: Tens of thousands of people love me.

Debate moves on to race issues. This should be interesting...

4:40 am [GMT]
Trump says US airports look like they're from third world countries. He is impressed by airports in Dubai, Qatar, and China.

Clinton: You've stiffed people in your businesses.

4:37 am [GMT]
Clinton: Trump must be hiding something. He will never release his tax returns. She says she made a mistake using her private email.

Trump: That was more than a mistake. That was done purposely [also to hide something]

4:35 am [GMT]

Commentators are picking up on Trump's "sniffles". Clinton is not the sick one tonight. Candidates spar over tax policy. Trump says Clinton is "typical politician, all talk." He promises to release his tax record after an audit is done. He then backtracks and says he would only do it if Clinton releases "deleted emails." Clinton calls this "bait and switch".

4:30 am [GMT]
Trump launches several broadsides at Clinton over her "record" on the economy but she is managing to withstand his attacks. Clinton says Trump lives in his own reality and asks viewers to fact-check his claims.

She is holding her own.

4:20 am [GMT]

Clinton and Trump open the debate with a focus on the economy.

Clinton takes a swipe at Trump's inherited wealth.

Trump blames Mexico and China for US economic woes.

Clinton blames Republican trickle-down economics and says Trump's tax cuts would bring back same causes that led to the Great Recession, but her plan would instead create millions of jobs.

4:00 am [GMT]:

Good morning and welcome to our live coverage of the first of three US presidential debates between Democratic nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump.