Libya's PM 'aspiring' for peace deal with rivals

Libya's PM 'aspiring' for peace deal with rivals
Libya's internationally recognised prime minister said he hoped to reach a power-sharing peace agreement with his rivals during UN-backed talks to end the conflict threatening to split his country.
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02 July, 2015
Abdallah al-Thinni said he is willing to sign a power-sharing deal with rival government [Getty]

The internationally recognised Prime Minister of Libya says he is "aspiring" to sign a peace agreement with representatives of the rival Islamist-led Tripoli government in Morocco on Thursday.

Prime Minister Abdallah al-Thinni made the comments during a brief visit to Malta on Wednesday. He said there were people who supported and opposed the agreement, and that "any decision taken will always have enemies."

But he said: "The wise and kind people of Libya" want to reach a solution.


"There will be a lot of discussions tomorrow and there are people in favor and against. We aspire to realize this agreement"

Abdallah al-Thinni

Since last year, Libya has been split between an elected parliament, which was forced to convene in the country's far east, and Islamist-led government backed by militias that seized Tripoli last August.

The two governments have been negotiating for nine months over a power-sharing deal mediated by UN special representative Bernardino Leon.

Thinni said once a unity government is formed, it would be based in Tripoli, though he declined to say who would lead it.

"This person must have a very popular support. I am confident that there will be a big backing and it will be the right person," he said.