Libyan unity government takes control of more ministries

Libyan unity government takes control of more ministries
In an attempt to assert authority over the country, Libya's UN-backed unity government on Monday took over more ministries from Tripoli authorities, including foreign affairs.
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26 April, 2016
Mohammad al-Amari signs documents passing control to the new government [Getty]

Libya's new unity government on Monday took control of more ministries in Tripoli including foreign affairs as it seeks to assert its authority over the violence-plagued country.

Mohammad al-Amari, a minister of state in the Government of National Accord [GNA], signed documents passing control of the key foreign ministry complex in the north of the capital to the new government.

The GNA also Monday took the ministries of planning and religious endowment.

"As soon as the ministers take the oath of office, they can begin working from these ministries," Amari said.

Over the past week, the transport, social affairs, environment, and youth and sports ministries had been transferred to the new government.

The international community sees the GNA as the best hope for oil-rich Libya, which has been roiled by turmoil since the 2011 ouster and killing of longtime ruler Muammar Gaddafi.

Libya's state council, the most senior consultative body created under a UN-brokered power-sharing deal in December, met for the first time on Friday.

The GNA has still not been endorsed by a vote of confidence from the internationally recognised parliament now sitting in Tobruk in the country's far east.

However, on Thursday 102 MPs of the Tobruk parliament - a majority - expressed confidence in the new government despite the lack of a formal vote.

Libya's warring rivals have come under intense international pressure to rally behind the unity government at a time when the country is grappling with a growing militant threat.

While the GNA has now taken control of several ministries, they are yet to commence work.