Libyan navy captures second oil smuggler in one week

Libyan navy captures second oil smuggler in one week
The Libyan authorities said they had captured a small ship containing over a million litres of diesel off the west coast of Libya.
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31 August, 2017

Libya - Oil Tanker siezed

The Libyan coastguard captured its second oil-smuggling ship in one week on Thursday.

A navy spokesperson confirmed they had apprehended a medium-sized oil products tanker named ‘Rex’ along with its ten crew.

Colonel Abu Ajila Abdelbarri told reporters they had kept the boat under surveillance for several days before the arrest.

The tanker, flying the Tanzanian flag, was seized along with a reported 1,160,000 litres of diesel and its crew, consisting of five Turks, three Georgians and two Indians.

The Libyan coastguard last reported a successful capture on Sunday, when it seized an oil tanker allegedly smuggling six million litres of fuel along with its 20 Filipino crew.

The Philippine government has reportedly lobbied the Libyan government for the release of its citizens after they were delivered to the Attorney General’s office.

The ship is owned by Evalend Shipping Tankers, based in Athens, Greece, according to official records.

Oil smuggling is big business in Libya. According to the Libyan authorities, oil smuggling costs the Libyan economy up to $400 million a year.

Libya has the largest oil reserves in Africa and produced around 1.6 million barrels per day before the 2011 revolution.