Libyan comedian announces candidacy for presidential election

Libyan comedian announces candidacy for presidential election
A Libyan comedy actor announced his candidacy for his country's presidential election later this year, leaving many surprised and wondering whether his announcement was genuine or not
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29 October, 2021
Libyans are heading to the polls in a 'high-risk' presidential election in December [Anadolu Agency/Getty]

To the surprise of many Libyans, comedian Hatem Al-Kour announced on Thursday that he will run in Libya’s presidential election scheduled for late this year.

"In my conviction of the necessity of changing the country’s reality for the better and contributing to strengthening its democracy and political life… I, Hatem Muhammad Ali Al-Kour, declare my desire to participate in the presidential elections," he said during the video speech, with the Libyan flag behind him.

Libyans widely shared the video online and questioned whether this was another one of his comedy skits.

Al-Kour said he understood the struggles of his people throughout his acting career, acknowledging the difficulties of him becoming president.

"I tried easing peoples worries and putting a smile on the faces of all Libyans. So, my brothers and sisters, I ask from you to join me on this journey as, after God, I have nobody but you," he said, hoping to gain popular support.

Gripped by conflict for years since the ousting of dictator Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, Libyans are preparing for what is being called a high-risk election on 24 December.

Fears are running high among foreign donors that the interim government is trying to delay the election process. Some political actors have tried to deter the election out of fear of losing their power in the current transitional government.

Others are concerned that elections will lead to an eruption of violence in the North African country. As many as 20,000 mercenaries and foreign fighters still operate in Libya.