Libya migrants barricade themselves on container ship fearing life on land

Libya migrants barricade themselves on container ship fearing life on land
A group of migrants caught off the Libya have refused to disembark fearing for their lives.
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15 November, 2018
Hundreds of migrants have lost their lives crossing the Mediterranean [Getty]

A group of migrants have barricaded themselves in a container ship off the Libyan coast, refusing to disembark due to their dangers on land.

Ninety-three migrants were picked up on a raft in the Mediterranean on Friday and taken back to the Libyan port city of Misrata.

Although two of the 93 migrants agreed to disembark, the others refused to leave saying the country is too dangerous and have barricaded themselves in the shipping container ship for the past five days.

The captain and crew taking refuge on the upper decks of the Nivin, which was heading towards Misrata.

One of the group recorded a message from the ship, saying he wanted it documented so international organisations would aid the migrants.

He said most of the group, which includes children, were ill and did not have food or water.

Libya's coast guard had no immediate comment on the situation, according to AP.

There is just one rescue ship patrolling the Mediterranean, following a backlash against migration in Europe.

European ports have meanwhile refused to accept in rescued migrants, while ships have become more cautious about picking up refugees at sea.

Libya has become a key trafficking point for migrants from Africa hoping to reach Europe.

Human rights groups have described terrible conditions for migrants in Libya, with cases of slavery reported in the country.