Libya Dawn battle the Islamic State group in Sirte

Libya Dawn battle the Islamic State group in Sirte
Forces loyal to the Tripoli government have launched an offensive against IS fighters in Libya, and appear to be gaining ground on the militants.
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19 March, 2015
Libya Dawn forces set up road blocks around Sirte [Anadolu]

Libya Dawn forces who are launching an assault on Islamic State group positions around Sirte have been sent reinforcements.

The Islamist force, loyal to the Tripoli government, has been battling IS militants in the city over the weekend.

"Reinforcements for Brigade 166 tasked with maintaining Sirte's security are being deployed to the city," said Khaled Abu Jaziya, a spokesperson for the Libya Dawn brigade.

"Misrata's military council and Libya Dawn forces are supporting the brigade tasked by the army's chief of staff with protecting Sirte," he told Libya's news agency.

Abu Jaziya attributed the "stable" security situation to the lack of clashes with the militant group in the city.

The extremist group, meanwhile, has said it will move the war to the Misrata, which it describes as "the stronghold of the apostates".

This article is an edited translation from our Arabic edition.