Libya capital's only functioning airport closed due to security fears

Libya capital's only functioning airport closed due to security fears
An airport in Tripoli has been closed, due to ongoing violence in the Libyan capital.
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17 September, 2018
Tripoli's Mitiga airport was shuttered once again on Monday [AFP]
The Libyan capital's only functioning airport was closed again by the transport ministry on Monday, hours after the facility was declared to be operational by the government.

The ministry's decision forced traffic to be diverted to the nearby city of Misrata, after control of the airport in Tripoli was handed from one militia to another.

This prompted the ministry of transport to close the facility in Tripoli with deputy Transport Minister Hisham Boushkiwat saying the shuttering of Mitiga airport was "unfortunate" but "some things inside the airport have threatened traveler safety", adding he hoped it would re-open soon.

Last week, an unknown militia fired missiles at the airport forcing it to close.

It followed weeks of clashes between rival militias in the capital, forcing thousands to flee their homes in southern Tripoli.

Libya has seen continued violence since former dictator Muammar Gaddafi attempted to suppress popular protests against his rule in 2011.

After he was killed by rebels, the country has been torn apart by rival militias who have vied for control of the country.

A UN-backed administration is based in Tripoli - a city that still suffers from bitter infighting - but its authority only covers part of the country.