Lebanon renews calls for 'Israeli withdrawal from occupied Lebanese territories' during border talks

Lebanon renews calls for 'Israeli withdrawal from occupied Lebanese territories' during border talks
The Lebanese representatives participating in border negotiations with Israel renewed calls on it to withdraw from Lebanese territories it occupies.
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08 December, 2020
Lebanon contends that some of the territories annexed by Israel are Lebanese territories. [Getty]
Lebanese officials called on Israel to withdraw from all territories within Lebanon's border that it currently occupies, during a routine meeting with the Israeli army and the UN Interim Force on Monday, a local media report said.

The call for the withdrawal included the Shebaa Farms, Kfar Shouba hills, areas adjacent to the demarcated Blue Line between the two countries, the northern part of Ghajar and a UN-acknowledged point, local outlet The Daily Star reported.

The most recent meeting, held at the UNIFIL headquarters in southern Lebanon's Naqoura region, brought together the two parties under the supervision of the UN to discuss border-related developments.

Lebanon also called on the UN to mark the B1 point, the first on the 1949 Israeli-Lebanese General Armistice Agreement that extends along Lebanon's coast, as 'occupied' territory.

An Israeli withdrawal from southern Lebanon in 2000 led to the establishment of the UN's so-called "blue line" between the two countries.

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Beirut is currently engaged in indirect negotiations with Israel over land and maritime border issues, which will enable the two countries to begin gas exploration in eastern Mediterranean waters. 

Israel and Lebanon each claim about 860 square kilometres of waters in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Shebaa Farms area of the Golan Heights, which was illegally annexed by Israel following war with Syria in 1967, is contested by Lebanon, Syria and Israel.

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