Lebanon arrests individual who fired on US embassy last week

Lebanon arrests individual who fired on US embassy last week
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26 September, 2023
A man believed to be behind a shooting on the US embassy in Lebanon last week has been arrested.
The shooting did not result in any injuries and only little material damage [Getty]

Lebanon's security forces have arrested at least one individual involved in a shooting at the U.S. embassy last week, two security sources told Reuters.

One security source said the individual was a Lebanese man. The second security source said ammunition he had in his possession had also been seized.

The shooting, which did not result in any injuries, occurred late on Wednesday near the highly secured U.S. embassy in the Awkar area, northeast of Beirut. Security incidents around the facility are rare.

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U.S. ambassador to Lebanon Dorothy Shea said on Friday the embassy was not intimidated by the incident.

"We know that authorities are investigating this incident," Shea said after meeting Lebanon's caretaker prime minister, Najib Mikati, who condemned the shooting.

Washington moved its embassy to Awkar from Beirut following a 1983 suicide attack in Lebanon's capital that killed more than 60 people.