Kuwaiti man threatens to kill wife, daughter over coronavirus

Kuwaiti man threatens to kill wife, daughter over coronavirus
Kuwait has been one of the main Arab countries to be affected by the novel coronavirus.
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03 March, 2020
Kuwait has 56 confirmed cases of the virus [Getty]
A Kuwaiti man has allegedly threatened to kill his wife and daughter over an argument that surfaced amid the deadly novel coronavirus, local media reported.

A Kuwaiti man has threatened to kill his wife after she told him he should visit a hospital to examine whether he had contracted the virus, leading to the intervention of security forces.

The man refused and instead threatened to kill her and their daughter, prompting the wife to call on authorities for immediate assistance.

Security personnel arrived at the scene and the man taken to hospital.

It is unclear whether he was diagnosed with the coronavirus.

Kuwait has recorded 56 confirmed cases of the virus, which has in recent days spread across the Gulf and Middle East and North Africa region as a whole.

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Last month, Kuwait barred foreign ships, except those carrying oil, from departing to, or arriving from, several countries to prevent the spread of the disease.

The country has previously cancelled all events to mark its National Day on 25 February in response to the coronavirus outbreak. It has also imposed flight restrictions to and from a number of country’s with confirmed cases.

Kuwait evacuated some 800 citizens from Iran, where 66 people have already died from the virus

On Monday, Public Health Undersecretary Buthaina al-Mudhaf confirmed all the new cases in the country contracted the virus after visiting Iran.

Across the wider MENA region, there are over 1,688 cases of the coronavirus, the majority of which are linked back to Iran, which has 1,501 cases.

Many of Iran's neighbours have imposed restrictions on travel to and from the Islamic Republic.

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The COVID-19 was first detected in China in early December but has since spread across much of the world. Worldwide, more than 91,000 case have been confirmed and the death toll stands at 3,116.

On Tuesday, the UN’s World Health Organisation (WHO), warned the world has entered uncharted territory in its battle against the deadly coronavirus.

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