Kuwaiti influencer sparks outrage over sex education post

Kuwaiti influencer sparks outrage over sex education post
Rawan bin Hussain said sex education should be taught at schools in Kuwait to help stem the spread of sexually transmitted disease.
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03 August, 2020
A Kuwaiti influencer has triggered outrage after suggesting sex education should be included in the country’s curriculum to help tackle the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Rawan bin Hussain, a popular blogger with more than 4.9 million followers on Instagram, made the comments on her Snapchat account.

“We should have sex education as a principle module being taught as part of the curriculum for adolescents at an early age,” the influencer said on her online platform.

“In our conservative societies, even our mothers don’t sit us down to explain because even they may sometimes not know enough [about sexually transmitted diseases],” she added.

The suggestion prompted a mixture of comments on social media, with some agreeing with the influencer while others slammed her for her thoughts.

“I think what she’s saying is right. It’s better to be educated on sex at school than on porn sites. 1000% stand with her,” one comment said.

“What is with the outrage? She hasn’t encouraged anything wrong but has only suggested educating children. Those without sexual education are no more than animals,” another user said.

“So she said one thing that caused all this outrage but nobody seems to be enraged by increase in sexual harassment against women?” another social media user asked.

“It’s funny because most of those that are outraged by this are the ones that watch porn,” one user joked on Instagram.

“What exactly will they be taught? How to kiss?” one of the comments said.

“Rawan is exaggerating about these diseases.. they are very rare in our region,” another social media user said.

Sex education is not included in curriculum in the Arab world and discussing the topic is deemed to be a taboo.

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