Protests in Kuwait after woman freed from 'nine-year captivity' in family home

Protests in Kuwait after woman freed from 'nine-year captivity' in family home
A Kuwait court is hearing the harrowing case of a Kuwaiti woman kept captive by her family for nine years.
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01 July, 2021
Protesters have demanded greater protections for Kuwaiti women [Getty/ Archive]

Following large protests demanding greater protection and rights for women in Kuwait, a criminal court in the Gulf state revealed details of a shocking case of gender-based abuse - a Kuwaiti woman kept captive by her family for nine years.

The woman was allegedly locked up by her family in the basement of their home after she divorced her husband and refused to return to him.

Security sources said the woman, who was born in 1988, had been forced to marry a man 15 years older than her.

They had a son together but had then divorced, with the woman returning to her family home where her father allegedly kept her imprisoned with the help of his other children.

She managed to escape briefly in 2012 but her family soon tracked her down and imprisoned her again.

Authorities found and released the woman following a raid on her home after tip-off.

Five family members were arrested, three sisters and two brothers, charged with complicity in her forced captivity. Her father had recently died.

The sources said that she had been an outstanding student but her family had prevented her from completing her education and she was forced into marriage. Kuwaiti media channels published photos of the room she was imprisoned in for nine years.

Kuwait's public prosecutor has charged the accused with "deprivation of liberty". The case continues.

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