Kuwait removes 'un-Islamic' statue of Aphrodite from shop display

Kuwait removes 'un-Islamic' statue of Aphrodite from shop display
Kuwait removed a statue of Aphrodite, an ancient Greek goddess, from a shop after complaints it contradicted Islamic values.
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19 August, 2021
The Aphrodite statue 'contradicts Kuwait's Islamic values', Kuwaitis said [Getty]

Kuwait removed a statue of an ancient Greek goddess from a store after shoppers claimed the image contradicted the Gulf state's Islamic values.

A shop in the country's 360 Mall displayed a statue of Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of love and beauty, which was taken down by the ministry of commerce after complaints on Kuwaiti social media.

The inspection and monitoring department at the ministry of commerce was photographed removing the statue earlier this week.

Shopworkers said the statue was not a religious statement but in line with the brand's new collection of products.

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Former MP Mohammed Hayef thanked the ministry for intervening and removing the representation that "claimed to be gods of love in blind imitation, blindness and insight."

He added: "Commercial greed that does not blind people from doing what is Islamically just."

Others mocked the government for creating hysteria on the issue rather than focusing on more compressing concerns such as the Covid-19 epidemic.