Kuwait asks public to help 'monitor' LGBT+ symbolism in latest crackdown

Kuwait asks public to help 'monitor' LGBT+ symbolism in latest crackdown
Kuwait's trade and industry ministry has called on the public to 'monitor' and file complaints for any LGBTQ+ symbolism they see in the country
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20 June, 2022
The ministry compared the pride flag to a rainbow, calling on people to recognise the difference in colours [Getty]

Kuwait wants its general public to report to authorities if they see the pride flag, as part of an ongoing campaign to crack down on any LGBTQ+ symbolism in the Gulf state.

The Arabic hashtag "Take part in monitoring" went viral on Twitter and other social media platforms as the Ministry of Trade and Industry shared a picture of a rainbow alongside the multi-coloured pride flag, telling people to recognise the difference.

On the right the poster reads in Arabic "the flag which violates public morals includes only six colours" in reference to the pride flag, and on the left, underneath a rainbow, reads "the normal rainbow includes seven colours."

The ministry then asks people to inform them if they see any flags or phrases which include such "immorality."

While several applauded the decision, others condemned the move.

Others made fun of it, saying any brand which depicts colours of the rainbow must be banned.

Other countries have taken similar decisions in the past. Saudi Arabia very recently took a decision to seize all rainbow-coloured toys in a crackdown on what they say is "homosexual colours which target the youth."

Several countries in the Middle East and North Africa have also banned Disney’s latest animation Lightyear as it shows a kissing scene between a lesbian couple.

Most Arab countries criminalise same-sex relations, and there have been reports of inhumane detention and invasive searches in many of them in recent years.